The 1st Dr. Dan Trix Mystery

Management by Murder

“One of the highest compliments I can pay a book is to be a little bit sad when I finish it. I feel that way about the Trix books. It’s like going on a great vacation with really fun and sophisticated friends. When it’s over, you miss them, and your regular life seems just the tiniest bit dull for a day or two.”

Susan Edwards – The Book Guru
Review of the Trix series



Drake Bauer is a man who believes the world owes him. And he has a deadly plan to collect. Jumbo Good Shot is an American Indian who refuses to concede to the tyranny of racism. Alvie Kincaid has just finished an overseas tour of duty in the Army and wonders about fences and green grass. His highly respected father, Wooster, is the foreman at the cemetery and lives by the credo that the good life is the simple life. Maralou Bauer is an accomplished pianist shackled by motherhood, family, and the persistent sameness of small town life. Lakeside is a town where these people and their ideals collide with the steamy impact of a splitting atom.

One a Day: Bites to Better Business

One A Day: Bites to Better Business is a compilation of mostly wry, often whimsical observations on business and the people and personalities that inhabit contemporary organizations. From “Don’t Ask a Cucumber to be a Tomato”, which skeptically examines the wisdom of appointing lawyers to manage government units or faculty to manage colleges, to Calgary and Butte as lessons in local economic development, to “Integrity as a Corporate Value”, the book is organized in small digestible bites. The insights are presented in several arbitrary categories: Communication, Government, Leadership, Management, Organizational Behavior, This-and-That.

Author Bio

Rodney Romig has a BA in English and a PhD in Economics from the U. of Nebraska. He lived and worked in Asia for two years (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) and Europe for ten years (Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Scotland, Italy). For nineteen years, he lived and worked in Hawaii, where he served as the Dean of the College of Business Administration and Professor of Economics at Hawaii Pacific University. He was a regular columnist for Pacific Business News for several years and served on numerous local not-for-profit boards, including the Hawaii International Film Festival. He still travels extensively from his home in Sarasota, Fl. to South America, the Middle East and Europe.

The Dr. Dan Trix travel-mystery novels are available as both Kindle ebooks and paperback. Lakeside, a noir suspense novel, was award the 2013 Royal Palm Award for best published literary novel. One A Day: Bites to Better Business, a compilation of mostly wry observations on business and the people that inhabit contemporary organizations, is also available.